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Hello everyone. I know I haven't been around as much as I usually am. There are plenty of little reasons, but the largest one is that I am feeling quite uninspired to keep up with an RP when everyone else disappears for extended periods of time and not everyone is around to thread. And I feel that sometimes the effort and struggle might not be worth it because of this absence.

Of course, don't think that I am blaming you guys -- I have been quite a terrible and lazy mod before this all things considered. And I do appreciate those of you who have been trying to post but I (personally, as I have not discussed this with Sky-mod) wonder if it is really worth the effort to keep this place afloat? Round 2 is not going nearly as well as Round 1 did. And while we made a valiant attempt, there were too many things that hindered our progress here.

Anyways, something to keep in mind.

I'll be back around on AIM now that I have finished the sewing project I was working on, and am more than willing to thread with any of my characters if anyone of you would like to as well.

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So here's a question.
confused, Wait a minute
When does this RP take place? I mean, what year?
Is it now or is it just not specified.

Because I'm currently RPing Christoph with a friend, and he's talking about how unrealistic Pottermore is with potions and spells and such. his poor boyfriend is a muggle and just broke up with one guy who's also a muggle but is convinced that he's a wizard, and I don't think the boy's even read the books
I mean, I assume that Harry Potter/Pottermore don't exist in this universe, but what about the rest of pop culture?

Wow, I am an utter flake.

I'm sorry, guys.  Life sort of snuck up on me.  I am spending several months at home while trying to work out visa status, and Narcissa-mun and I decided to sublet our flat during this time, and suddenly, without my noticing, there were a million chores and things we had to do before I could leave and I kept meaning to get on and...  ugh.  I fail.  

Anyway, currently suffering from the world's worst case of jet lag.  But I should be back in circulation some time this week.  Sorry. :(  

(Harry is judging me.  Like the judgmental little jerk he is.  Judge, judge, judge.)

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Fully and 100% apology from me. I lost my job last Thursday and had been fighting severe depression since. I'm not better yet, but I'm climbing up from the ladder. I'm going to catch up on everything I missed. <3~

Rita's last release.
So do we think any of the littler people, especially first years, tried Rita's spell? If so we should do a post for it (I am thinking particularly of the prefects) because dealing with tiny bat ear afflicted firsties sounds so cute and entertaining (for us to watch, and point and laugh at the poor prefects).

Uh oh
wanted: my things
I will do my best to be here throughout the month of October, but it'll be spotty. I'm house-sitting for Voldy while she's in Japan and she has no interwebs there. I'll try to get on as often as I can. I do so love the internet. XD

I need to rant about this somewhere
and I'm pretty sure that no one on my F-list has been on in the past year XD
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Ranting on here because my FL don't care, haha.

I got into Pottermore today for all of 30 minutes before the page suddenly reloaded and I was being returned to the "we're restricting access" page.

Major. Sadness. :(

Teacher Roll-Call!
Remember how we mentioned that getting an over-all personality and some random traits for the professors sounded like a good idea?

Well here is that post where you will be able to do ~just that~. Following is a list of classes. We can give them names if you like, but mostly what we are looking for is what they are like in lectures, what they are like with homework, etc. You can even decide that one of them really likes the color blue if it means that much to you.

Also, Jay suggested possibly naming some of the professors after their movie actors. Such as Professor Rickman for Potions, Professor Smith for Transfiguration, and so on.

If I'm forgetting any classes, let me know. Anyways, below the cut, here we go!
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A wild Moony-Mod appears
sweater love is greater than life
Hello everyone! I'm sorry for being horribly absent as of late but I've been stuck in a terrible and rotten mood for no good reason (because, quite honestly, things have been going rather swimmingly despite how horrible I feel). Which I think is mostly just exhaustion from doing nothing but staying up late and getting up early whoops and it shall be rectified as my next three days are work-free and the only thing I have scheduled is SLEEPING IN.


Still no word on new people applying as it seems that ONCE AGAIN the task of reviving the dead and ruined characters of James and Sirius have frightened someone off. That's okay I don't blame them--them as in the appers not the originals because, well--

But I bring some even more dark news for everyone. Despite all suggestions that were located and delivered to Sanity (our Bella/Poppy), she has been unable to disable or turn off or in some way destroy the Net Nanny that plagues her. Here is her message:
Thanks so much for the help, and thank everyone else from me for their help too! I couldn't get any of these to work, but it was really nice of you guys to try and help me out.
I'm going to have the leave Eras, because it's not fair for me to sit on those characters but I'll miss all of you terribly! Say bye to everyone, and tell them to make sure to have tons of fun for me!

Thank you, and I'll miss you!

I told her that chances are no one will step up to fill those spots and that if she ever finds a way to break through it that she must is welcome to return to us, but that is how that is going.

Helga owes replies to Rowena and Lily, but if anyone else would like to play with Helga (feel free to jump in to her fortune telling thread!) or Remus or Dolores (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO PLAY WITH HER HURHURHUR) just let me know! I'll be back on AIM then, and just... overall more responsive than I have been. But for now, I'm going to sulk around in a rotten mood and eat chocolate and drink tea and read my friend's novel.

Love you all ♥ and hope you're all doing well ♥


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